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Joy at Just Joy tagged me for The Song Tag! It's my first official tag:) This is going to be super fun. I mean, really, music is almost my life. So without further ado - Oh, wait, I gotta mention the rules.

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And now, I present the questions and my answers to them.

1. First song that comes to your mind

Happy, by Pharell Williams. I think the original version is kinda boring, but I love the Africanized version by Alex Boye. It's a really, well, happy song and it always makes me dance.

2. A song that always makes you happy

So, a few weeks ago, we went to a concert at our friends' house. They had a duet called Adam & I play, and I loved them. We hadn't heard of them before we went, but we bought both of their albums that night. I love them because their music is so honest.* They write about things that I like to imagine I would write about, and you should give them a listen. Anyway, one of their songs that always makes me happy is We Have Love. It's a song that laughs at trouble and says everything's going to be all right <3

3. A song you hate

Current popular song that I hate? "Watch Me" (Whip/Nae-Nae). Just no. That is not real music, Emmet (sorry, I had to use that reference). "Gangnam Style" is also a really dumb song. Let me tell you that I went to a Christmas party once in the Philippines with my family and my friends' family. We watched about 30-40 performances from the different chapels that day, and at least 5 of them did a dance to "Gangnam Style". Plus, they played it in between performances, so yeah. Needless to say, we groaned every time we heard it playing.

I also don't agree with the song "Flawless" by MercyMe. I don't hate it, but it irritates me because I think the message is so *ahem* flawed. "...the truth is the cross has made you flawless" - really? I don't think so. Just because Jesus died for us does not make us perfect. He has opened the gates of heaven for us, but that doesn't mean that whatever we do is now justified.

4. Favorite romantic song

Grrr. Favorite? Okay, most of the romantic songs that I like are from musicals (I've never actually watched the last two, I've just heard these songs) :

"On My Own" from Les Miserables

"A Little Fall of Rain" from Les Miserables

"Come to Your Senses" from tick, tick...BOOM!

"Someone Else's Story" from Chess

And, yes, they are all sad romantic songs:)

5. Favorite sad song

This was a hard question. I was going to say The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd, but I think I like I See Fire (the cover by Peter Hollens), better. All the feelings from this song...from both. 

6. A song that brings back memories

Oceans by Hillsong United always makes me think of a death. The death of a certain little baby boy whom I had the pleasure to know. They played this song at his funeral, and it seemed so fitting because he died by drowning. I will always and forever remember him whenever I hear it, and I know that he is in heaven praying for the rest of us to get up there, too.

7. A song that you have been playing on repeat

This was at the beginning of the year, but I have to say this. The cover of Jai Ho done by Peter Hollens and Alaa Wardi is probably the song I have heard on repeat the most times in one day. We were visiting our friends for Christmas and a wedding, and we stayed with them for a few weeks. Both sets of our parents went out one day, and we were left to babysit our siblings with our friends and their siblings. I remember playing music almost non-stop that day, and about every third song that we would play was Jai Ho. It just makes you want to dance, and dance it made us do. Everyone had their own little dance they would do to it when they would walk through the room, and it was so fun to watch everyone:)

But the song that I've been playing on repeat currently is "Topsy Turvy" by Family Force 5. It's Alice In Wonderland themed...of course I'm listening to it constantly because of NaNo. 

8. Favorite song by your favorite artist

I guess I'm going to say that Owl City- gosh, but I love Rich Mullins, too. I'm gonna say that they- oh, and Taylor Swift -are my favorites. So favorite one from each:

1) "Hot Air Balloon" by Owl City
2) "We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are" by Rich Mullins
3) "Back to December" by Taylor Swift

9. Weirdest song you like

Okay...I'm pretty sure that I have more than just one that can fit into this category. The question is...Do you guys really want to know the answers to this? I'm gonna go ahead and give three examples: 1) "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift. It's not got the best lyrics and it's super repetitive. I guess I like it more for the beat. 2) "Bird With A Broken Wing" by Owl City. I'm not ashamed that I like this song. It is weird, especially if you listen to the commentary behind the song, but I like the dark and strange feeling that comes when I hear it. There's also a tinge of sadness. 3) This is the weirdest one. I saved it for last, for the impact:p *takes a deep breath and says really fast* "Dum Dum" by Tedashii featuring Lecrae. *exhales* I'm not even sure why I like this song. It's definitely not real music, Emmet (I had to say that again; sorry). Maybe it's cause it's one of the only rap songs I've heard that's appropriate, even though it's still dum dum (*laughs at her dum joke*...okay I'll stop now). There you go. Now you know some things about me that make me weird.

10. All time favorite song

This is not even a fair question. I'm really bad at saying my favorite anything, especially when it's a general question. I can answer better when things are in categories, like All Time Favorite Broadway Song or All Time Favorite Pop song, though I will still tell you three answers to the question (like I did for all other questions up there). So I think I'm gonna have to give you my top favorite from some different categories.
1) My favorite musical ever is Les Miserables, and my favorite song from that is "Turning."
2) My all time favorite Catholic song is "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent."
3) All time favorite credit song is "When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City.
And I guess I'll spare you from having to read any more.

So there you go. I officially gave more than one answer to all but one of the questions, and probably had a little more fun than I should have:D

And now I tag

Annie @ Curious Wren

I hope you guys have as much fun as I did:)

*I'm going to do a post about "Honest Music" sometime. It may not be soon, but it will happen!

How's everyone's NaNo going? My novel is...almost non-existent:P Oh, well. I'm trying.

auf wiedersehen, darling



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  2. I liked reading this! I actually didn't guess a lot of your answers, which is crazy, because I'm with you like 24-7.

  3. This is a really cool tag. I'm glad you posted.
    Aw, Jai Ho brings back such good memories.

  4. I can't believe it's almost been a year since the wedding and our visit! Hopefully we'll be together again this year for Christmas:)

  5. Aww, thanks for tagging me! I like your song choices. ;)
    My favorite band right now is Twenty One Pilots. Their lyrics are super deep and insightful and I love them so much. xD

  6. You're welcome:) Thanks! Twenty One Pilots sounds great:) I'll have to look them up!

  7. How do I put the button on my blog, Maddie?


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