Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jump - MMC (February 8, 2016)


keep your head down.
don't draw attention.
we can't afford to be found.
not here.
not yet.
we'll be out of here.
and then we'll be off.
as fast as we can.

we're out.
the coast is clear.
no, let's keep a normal pace.
no one will notice.
our coats are black.
we'll blend in.

no sudden moves.
maybe they'll pass us by.
they have no way to prove
that we're behind this.
they can't.
not possible.
we're two friends.
wearing coats.
the night is cold.

they're gone.
went right past.
yes, maybe we should
get off the road...
oh. they're back.
only turned around.

don't get caught.
not now.
most definitely not.
not after all we've been through.
cross to the side.
cross to the left.
it's our only chance.
the river.

look here.
we can jump.
won't be so swift
as the other side.
have you got the note?
then 1-2-3.

we're off.

This was not the best, but it's what I managed for this week. It's 162 words, and I used the picture prompt. 

auf wiedersehen, darling

- Maddie

The Life We Get

I've been thinking a lot lately about how we're alive. I mean think about it. If you are reading this you are alive. It probably sounds obvious and silly to you that I'm saying it, but when you really think about it, can you imagine not living? Not just can you imagine dying someday. Can you imagine what the world would be like if you never existed?

Now I'm starting to sound like Gabriel from It's a Wonderful Life. 


No one's life is perfect. People get depressed and think that because their life isn't like someone else's, there's no point in them living. But it's silly. Everyone has some kind of difficulty in their life that they have to live through. Maybe one person who wants to lose weight looks at a thin person and gets discouraged because they don't have their body. Maybe that person they think has such a nice form actually wants to gain weight. A supermodel can have bad eyesight. An artist can be bad at poetry.

I don't believe that there has ever been anyone in history who hasn't suffered some kind of hurt, whether physical or spiritual or mental. I don't think anyone looks at their life and thinks that there is nothing that they would change about themselves or their circumstances or abilities. Not one person has ever been good at everything that you can think of. We all have different quirks and shortcomings. We're all good at something, if not many things, but we know that there are also some things that we just do not have the ability to do.

I want you to read this next part, and think about what you would say about yourself.

i'm a normal person. but no one ever has had my exact life.
i can't see clearly without placing little plastic lens in my eyes.
i can't eat bread without breaking out in a rash.
i don't usually trip and fall, but there's hardly a week that goes by without me spilling a drink or knocking over my cereal bowl.
i cry when i'm angry more than when i'm sad.
i can do many things, but i do not possess the artsy or crafty skills that i would like.
i had an infection when i was little that put me through the most pain i've ever had.
i've seen loved ones and friends pass away. some of them live with chronic pain or illnesses.

See? You probably never would have guessed most of that about me. And yet it's true. My life isn't "perfect". I'm not perfect. I can't do everything I would like to. Sometimes I do things that I don't want to do. I can't see like other people can without looking through a lens of some kind. And not because I'm not trying hard enough. Sometimes you just can't. I think we need to learn to be okay with that. Because in our present world, you will hear people tell you from the time that you're 4 years old that you can "Be whatever you want to be." But what if you can't? What if you really can't, and it's not your fault? Can any little girl who wants to grow up and become a princess do so? Can you really become a professional artist if you can't sing to save your life, even if singing is what you love most? No, you can't. Because that's not the life you were given.

I feel something inside. It's like... the opposite of HAPPINESS!

I'm not trying to crush your hopes and dreams. I'm not trying to say that my life sucks, or that my troubles equal the difficulty of yours. I'm not trying to make you angry like Princess Unikitty up there. What I am trying to do is make you take a look at what you can do. Maybe your whole life you've gone around thinking that you're not good at anything. That is simply not true. You were put on this earth for a reason. And it was for more of a reason than to simply go around doing weird little everyday human things just to end up back in the earth when your life is over. I'm happy with my life, and I hope you are happy with yours. I promise you that you are talented at something and that only you can touch someone else's life with it the way that you know how. In other words, if you don't use your talents to touch someone else, no one else can do it for you. Because God gave that job to you.

So what are your talents? What are some things that you had/have no control over in your life? Do you wear glasses? Braces? Are you clumsy? Do you have any allergies? Go ahead and share! I won't laugh. My life is full of imperfections, too.

auf wiedersehen, darling


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Convictions - MMC (January 25, 2016)

via Pinterest
What is the point of my thoughts 
if they stay
inside my head?
What good is my writing
when there is no one 
to read it? 
What sense is there in thinking
or dreaming?
It is all a waste, anyway.

Because me, I don't matter.
who would want to know 
my feelings or ideas?
I'm just a little nobody,
Living on this earth and questioning

And then I see it.
I look up to the 
                                                                gray skies that
                                                                 surround me,
                                                                 feel the breath
                                                                  which rolls off the sea,
                                                               hear the waters
                                                                 crawl desperately to the
                                                                  shore and collapse, 
                                                                 taking their rest.
                                                                 I see how 
                                                               You see it.
                                                              And I know
                                                            I am made
                                                           to share
                                                           my thoughts and feelings,
                                                          my dreams and writings,
                                                         and my little opinions
                                                          about the big wide world.
                                                         if I've been touched by someone
                                                     then maybe someone is
                                                     waiting to be touched by

I used the picture prompt, and it is 151 words. Click here to find out more about Monday's Minute Challenge.

auf wiedersehen, darling