About Maddie

Well, hello, you!

How nice to see you. You have no idea how happy I am that you are here! Let's begin introductions, shall we?

First, the formalities.

My name is Madeline Elyse Alvarez. Charmed, I'm sure. I am a human between the ages of 4 and 102, and I enjoy the company of others of my species, although I am sometimes intimidated by them.

Now, some details.

I am the oldest of 8 children. My family has traveled the world as foreign Catholic missionaries for four years, bringing the Good News of our Faith to two different countries. We have felt the Lord call us home, but even though we are not living in a far off place, we have not stopped being missionaries. Our very lives proclaim God's love, and we strive to give glory to Him in our words (both spoken and written) and deeds, and we believe that every Catholic has been made a missionary through their baptism.

Some things you should know about me.

My brain is a funny thing. It does this thing where the only word it knows how to respond with when I'm carrying on a conversation with an unfamiliar person is, "Yeah," but when I make scratches on paper or typings on a screen, the zillion and one words in my queue are released and everyone is able to clearly understand the happenings inside me. When communicating with humans who are close to me, I often respond in movie quotes or with song lyrics. I read things that make me ache and make the corners of my mouth turn up, though the liquid in my eyes spills down. I write things and hope they make you do the same.

Some random things that I would like to share about me.

My favorite BBC miniseries are Bleak House, Robin Hood, North & South, and Jane Eyre (2006). 

I write in the Encouragement & Motivation department for an online magazine for teen girls, called Pursue Magazine.

I like to knit little projects.

I have an allergy to gluten.

I love classics. My favorite classic authors are Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Charlotte Brontë, Mark Twain, and Harper Lee.

I am an ISFP.

I love, love, love musicals, and my absolute favorite one is Les Misérables.

I would love any music, book, or movie recommendations you have to share with me!

A bit about the blog.

This blog is a place where I feel safe to share the thoughts that would otherwise be too out of place to say in everyday conversation. I named it God's Little Pencil after the quote by Blessed Mother Teresa, "I am a little pencil in the hands of a writing God, Who is writing a love letter to the world." Just as Mother Teresa was a missionary through her great deeds in a foreign land, I want to be a missionary through my little words in my tiny slice of the internet.

You will find posts on my opinions, Faith, life, and movie, book, and music posts. And, of course, I will share my fiction and poetry with you, because I'm nice like that. :) Oh, hey, and also, if you have any posts that you would like to see, I would absolutely welcome suggestions!

The schedule (sort of) that I have going on is that every other Tuesday, I'll post a Monday's Minutes Challenge entry, and the next week I'll post... whatever I feel like, really. So, yeah, not much of a schedule, but I'll hopefully come up with a more organized one soon.

What I Offer.

I should hope you've been properly informed. ;)

Do let me know if we have anything in common! I would love to meet my readers and get to know you all! 

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  1. Hi Maddie! Nice to meet you!!! In the past (before I switched to Wordpress) I read your blog frequently. But I'm back to Blogger now! So, nice to re-meet you!!!

    PS I tagged you for MCC, K? Here's the link to my post.


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